Posted by: thebenchwarmer | July 26, 2007

The BenchWarmer’s SuperDuper Six: Best Athletes Turned Actors

Welcome to another edition of The Bench Warmer’s Super Duper 6. Last week we looked at The Best Fat Pro Athletes, inspired by the great play of Da Meathook. This week my inspiration for the Super Duper 6 came a from a key sports blogger tool. After watching a collection of old school SportsCenter commercials the wheels (ok wheel) in my brain started working. Every athlete can do a commercial, but only the great athletes/actors can do big things on the big screen. So on to the list:

6. Mike Ditka

Yes, his acting was terrible. Yes, he was playing himself, but the sight alone of him forcing a bunch of little kids to work out was too funny not to include him in this list. As Will Ferrel knows, “That Ditka has fists like a small truck”

5. Reggie Theus

Reggie Theus has done what the rest of the guys on his list was not able to do, use his experience on TV and bring it back into the sports world. Theus played the inspirational Coach Bill Fuller who took a rag-tag bunch of basketball (including Anthony Anderson and A GIRL) and make them champions. The Kings are hoping is his success as a sit-com coach will transition well to the NBA. Oh I know you all are waiting for this (If you hold out to the end, you see some of Theus’ coaching brilliance):

4. Bob Golic

Another sit-com star from the early 90s. Bob Golic, the older brother to Mike Golic, obviously didn’t take acting lessons from his little bro (Thank God for that!). Bob who was pretty much the new Mr. Belding, was the father-figure for Zach, Kelly, Screetch, AC, and those two other random chicks.

3. O.J. Simpson

No, we are not talking about his role in Slasher. Yup, I went there, buuuurn. The pre-murder O.J. was actually a decent actor, and in the Naked Gun Movies, he played a klutzy and often injured Detective Nordberg. Who would have known that O.J. would use his knowledge of detectives, to get out of killing two people. I blame Leslie Nielsen. Anywho, I digress, this scene pretty much sums up every scene that O.J. was in.

2. Micheal Jordan

Space Jam. Enough Said. Anytime you co-star with Bugs Bunny, you know you are big time. Another surprisingly decent movie, that half court dunk nearly drew a tear from my eye, but I am way too tough for that. Also, he used the movie to as a springboard to get back in the NBA. After taking on the Monstars, Dikembe Mutombo doesn’t seem so bad.

1. Shaq

Now you must be wondering why I didn’t put Jordan at 1. Well if you look at the picture above you know why. Shaq’s character was put on underwear! UNDERWEAR! Seriously though, he was in a good movie, Blue Chips, and he was great in it. Although, he did play a dominant basketball player…I don’t know how he got into character everyday. On the other hand, Kazaam was terrible, but the terrible-ness is what made it good. You know the only reason he did it was so that he could bust out this freestyle:


Well, there you have it. A pretty damn good list if I do say so myself, as always if you agree, disagree, or felt like I left someone off, leave a comment.


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